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For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers: (For we are but of yesterdey, and know nothing, because our days upon the earth are a shadow.) Shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?
(Job 8:8-10)

First Edition of The Book of
Mormon This page lists the topics of RESEARCH pursued by this web site.
The articles published on BELLA SION (or to which BELLA SION provides links) reflect the topics listed below.
This list is subject to expand and/or branch-out, based on the general contribution of ideas and information.

  • This page is also available in Italian.

     General History

    The Primitive Church
  • First Italians converted to Christianity.
  • Early Christians settlements in the Land of Italy.
  • Paul's Epistle to the Romans.
  • First apostolic journeys to Italy. ( Peter, Paul, Mark )

    1849 - 1900
  • The preaching of Lorenzo Snow in the Kingdom of Sardinia and the organization of the Italian Mission.
  • The first translation of the Book of Mormon in Italian.
  • Birth, development and closure of the early LDS communities in Piedmont.
  • Immigration of the early converts to Utah.

    1901 - 1965
  • Visits of General Authorities in Italy
  • The preaching of the Church of Christ (Bickeronites) in Northern Italy.
  • The Church in Italy during and after World War II.
  • LDS military presence during the period of liberation.
  • The Marshall Plan and the visit of Elder Benson.
  • The preaching of the Gospel among Italian immigrants in Germany.
  • Return of the first Italian converts from abroad.
  • Call of the first missionaries from the Swiss Mission.
  • Second translation of the Book of Mormon in Italian.

    From 1966 unil Today
  • Rededication of Italy by Apostle Ezra Taft Benson.
  • Costitution and evolution of the Missions.
  • Debut of the magazine "La Stella"
  • Italian translation of Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price.
  • Visits of apostles and prophets ( Snow, Benson, Monson, Lee, Kimball, Nelson etc.)
  • Visit of the General Patriarch of the Church Eldred G. Smith.
  • The building of the first chapel (Pisa)
  • Other visits (Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Lamanite Generation etc.)
  • Visits by sport teams (soccer, basketball, baseball) from BYU.
  • Missionary work through sports.
  • The first Youth Conferences.
  • The origin of the LDS scouting program in Italy.
  • Legal recognition of the Church by the Italian Government.
  • Cultural Exchanges between BYU and Italian Universities and other cultural entities. ( Recovery of the text of the carbonized manuscripts of Erculaneum)
  • The genealogical Society in Italy.
  • Church and Public Relations.
  • The Church in the Mass Media.
  • Social and cultural initiatives.
  • Ecumenical activities.
  • The first Italian Temple.
  •  Local History

  • Constitution and evolution of Districts/Stakes.
  • Chronological list of District/Stake Presidents.
  • Settlement of the first missionaries in the city.
  • History of the origin of the Church in each city, recounted by the original missionaries.
  • The first converts.
  • The first ten years.
  • Interaction with the community.
  • The first trip to the Temple.
  • The first chapel.
  • Chronological list of Branch Presidents/ Bishops.
  • Chronological list of meeting halls/ chapels.
  • Chronological list of local members who served a full-time Mission.
  • Some local events published by "La Stella/Liahona."


    Ecclesiastical Authorities
  • Ezra Taft Benson.
  • Lorenzo Snow.
  • Biographical Profile of Mission, Stake, District Presidents etc.

    Other Biographies
    Biographical profiles of members and non-members of the Church, who have contributed, with their work and ideas, to the spreading of the Gospel in Italy. (This is an expandig list)

  • Thurl Bailey.
  • Pierina Bellaviti Schorr.
  • Archibald F. Bennett.
  • Members of the Cardon Family.
  • Cristopher Columbus.
  • Cornelius the Centurion.
  • Vincenzo Di Francesca.
  • Salvatore Flore.
  • Francis of Assisi.
  • The Larcher Brothers.
  • Giovanni Pietro Antonio Lebolo.
  • Members of the Malan Family.
  • Giovanni Maschero.
  • Angelo Scarpulla.
  • Giuseppe Taranto (Joseph Toronto).

     Photographic Archive

  • Photo portraits of the first converts of the Cardon Family.
  • Views of the Waldensian Valleys of Piedmont.
  • Photographic memories of the day of Rededication.
  • Missionary Memories.
  • The early Tracks.
  • Missionary Business Cards during the years.
  • Photographic memories of Youth Conferences.
  • Youth Conferences' Name-Tags.
  • Photographs of Italian chapels from yesterday and today.

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