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Detail from La CreazioneThe purpose of this web site is to present the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the Land of Italy, in its most meaningful and diverse aspects.

   Although the presence of the Church in Italy is relatively recent, the events that have taken place during this period of time have defined the national identity of the Church and determined its impact among the Italian people.

   The knowledge and understanding of these events are fundamental premises to appreciate what the Church is today and what it will become in the future.


Mout Vesuvius
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      October 12, 2005:

      "Statements by Modern-Day Prophets and Apostles on Christopher Columbus," "Statements by Christopher Columbus with Spiritual Significance" and the article "A Man Moved Upon by the Spirit" have been added to the BIOGRAPHIES section.

      September 19, 2005:

    • The article "Neither Catholic nor Protestant: The Mormon Image in the Torino Newspaper Wars During the 1850s" has been added to the GENERAL HISTORY page.

      2 new articles have been added to the ITALIAN section.

      August 21, 2005:

    • The article "On the Archaeology of Christian Baptism" has been added to the GENERAL HISTORY page. In this article several Italian archaeological sites are presented as evidence of the ancient practice of baptism by immersion.

      5 new articles have been added to the ITALIAN section.

      July 4, 2005:

    • A "Dictionary of Italian names and places found in the Holy Bible" and "The Italian Mission 1850-1867" have been added to the Biographies page.

    • Multiple entries from the "Dictionary of Italian names and places found in the Holy Bible" have been added to the Local History and Biographies sections.

      1 new article has been added to the ITALIAN section.

      April 21, 2005:

      The articles "President Hinckley calls on King and Queen of Spain", "A Company of Angels" and "Cumorah Project International LDS Database:Italy" have been added to the General History pages.

      5 articles have been added to the ITALIAN pages.

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