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BELLA SION/ Logo - Links

This page lists some links to web pages , containing resources pertinent to the contents of BELLA SION.
  • The symbol [E] indicates pages written in English.
  • The symbol [I] indicates instead pages in Italian.

  • This page, with some differet links, is also available in Italian.

     Official Church Web Sites

    Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni
    Official web site of the Church, in Italian. [I]

    Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni
    General information on the organization, the doctrine and the activities of the Church. [I]

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    General information on the organization, the doctrine and the activities of the Church. [E]

    LDS Foundation
    The central coordinating agency for all donations to the Church or one of its institutions - beyond tithing and fast offerings - with the goal of helping members and friends of the Church meet the needs of people worldwide. [E]
    Official information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Free copies of the Book of Mormon and videocassettes. List of addresses. [I]
    Official information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Free copies of the Book of Mormon and videocassettes. List of addresses. [E]

     Other LDS-related Sites

    Annotated History of the Church
    A new annotated history with notes and text which comes from c1902 History of the LDS Church by Joseph Smith.[E]

    The Bible and the Book of Mormon
    A new study, totally from the Bible, supporting the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Massimo Franceschini, coordinator. [I-E]

    BYU Radio
    Featuring LDS and BYU centered programming for the whole family, as well as special broadcasts, sports and much more! [E]

    Centro di Istituto di Bari
    Institute of Religion of the Bari Stakes. Ettore Valentini, curator. [I]

    Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni
    Un-official Church web site. [I]

    La Chiesa di Ges? Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni in Italia
    Information for the Mass Media and other useful links, presented by A.S.A.M. University of Rome, Italy.
    Dr. Prof. Luca Scotto di Tella, President. [I]

    Christianity - Latter-day Saints
    Articles, Forums, Chat, Classifieds, Newsletters. [E]

    Distretto di Firenze
    Information on the local units. [I]

    Gathering of Israel
    International community of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [E]

    Joseph Fielding Smith Institute of LDS History
    Institute of Latter-day History. Part of Brigham Young Universuty.[E]

    LDS Church Pioneers
    Learn more about the early LDS Church pioneers from their conversion, persecution, and trail west.Also search for ancestors who may have been pioneers.[E]

    LDS Euro Project
    History, development and statistics of the Church in Europe. [E]

    The Mormon History Association
    Association of Latter-day History.[E]

    Santi in Riunione
    Mailing list. Part of Yahoo!® Groups.
    Massimo Franceschini, moderator. [I]

    Shem? Israel
    Non-official Italian LDS dedicated to the study of the scriptures.
    Roberto Asioli, curator. [I]

    Swiss Temple
    Brief history, statistics and information on the Zollikofen (Bern) Temple. [E]

     Italian Missions

    Italy Missions
    Sponsored by the "Italian Missionary Association". Produced by Mike Hendriksen. [E]

    Italy Catania Mission
    Bruce Haraguchi, webmaster. [E-I]

    Italy Catania Mission (Pres.Gambarotto)
    Produced by Patti Landes Adams. [E]

    Italy Milan Mission
    Mark Scoville, curator. [E]

    Italy Milan Mission (Pres. Clegg)
    J. Halvor Clegg, coordinator .

    Italy North Mission
    Produced by Blaine Bachman. [E-I]

    Italy Padova Mission
    Mike Felix, curator.

    Italy Padova Mission (Pres.Curtis)
    Last update: June 5, 2001

    Italy Rome Mission
    Produced by Adam Bayless

    Italy Rome Mission
    Another site maintained by Adam Bayless

     LDS Schools and Universities

    Brigham Young University
    Headquarters in Provo, Utah. [E]

    BYU - Continuing Education
    Division of Continuing Education. [E]

    BYU - Hawaii
    Laie, Hawaii Campus. [E]

    BYU - Idaho
    Rexburg, Idaho Campus. [E]

    BYU- Jerusalem Center
    Center for Near Eastern Studies, located in Jerusalem. [E]

    BYU - Salt Lake Center
    Salt Lake City, Utah Campus. [E]

    LDS Business College
    Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. [E]

    Missionary Training Center
    Located in Provo, Utah. [E]

    Snow College
    Located in Ephraim, Utah. [E]

    Southern Virginia University
    Located in Buena Vista, Virginia. [E]

    BYU Earth Science Museum
    Located in Provo, Utah. [E]

    BYU Museum of Arts
    Part of Brighm Young University. [E]

    BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures
    Located in the campus of Brigham Young University. [E]

    Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
    Located in the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. [E]

    Museum of Church History and Art
    Located near Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. [E]


    Archivi di Stato
    Official web site of the "Amministrazione Archivistica Italiana" under the egidy of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities.[I-E]

    Family Search
    Official web site of the Family History Library. Produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The largest collection of genealogical documents in the world.[E]

    Finding Your Waldensian Ancestors
    Sponsored by the Piedmont Families Organization, Inc. (PFO).[E]

    Genealogia Italia
    Virtual Genealogical Center. Genealogical research on the Italian territory. Vincenzo Di Criscito, curator.[I]

    GENS - Italia
    Surname search. Collection of vintage Italian post cards.[I]

    Official web site of the "Istituto per le Ricerce Tematiche Internazionali", located in Sonora, California. Research of family roots of Italian emigrants.[E-I]

    Istituto Araldico Coccia
    Center of Historical, Heraldic and Genealogical Research. [I-E]
    List of links dedicated to genealogy, history, culture, traditions, etc. [E]

    Italian Genealogical Group
    An organization dedicated to Italian genealogy. [E]

    Italian Genealogy
    A coincise guide to Italian genealogical research and related subjects. [E]

    Italian Genealogy Online
    Various resources about the genealogy of Italian families. [E]

    Italy WorldGenWeb
    Resources organized by Region, Province, City, etc. [E]

    Pursuing Our Italian Names Together. An American group dedicated to Italian genealogy. [E]

    Radici - The italian Genealogy Club
    Genealogical website of [E]


    Comuni d'Italia
    A portal to Italian townships and services offered to the citizen.[I]

    Costitution of the Italian Republic
    Published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale of December 7, 1947.[I]

    Italian National Agency of Tourism.[I-E]

    Guida Monaci
    Information about companies and public administration in Italy.[I]

    National Institute of Statistics.[I]
    Culture, tourism, commerce and other useful information. Provided by Remo Mattei. [E-I]

    Mappe d'Italia
    Regional Italian maps for sale. [E]
    White pages. Search Italian phone numbers. [I]

    Pagine Gialle on line
    Yellow Pages.A database of all Italian companies.[I-E]
    Italian ZIP (postal) codes.[I]

    Storia d'Italia
    Italian history, divided in periods. [I]

    Storia d'Italia - Annali
    History, culture, facts and personalities. A 2000 year chronology in 486.000 pages. [I]

    Touring Club Italiano
    Tourism information and more. [I-E]

    Train schedules. [I-E]

    Rete Telematica delle Provincie Italiane.[I]

     Other Sites of Interest

    AGI online
    Italian news agency. Information portal.[I-E]

    Italian Embassy - Washington D.C.
    Italian Embassy in the United States of America. [I-E]

    Information portal. [I]

    Virtual Libraries in Italian
    A list of initiatives with the goal of digitazing the Italian literary legacy and making it available on-line. [I]

    Centro Inter-Bibliotecario
    Database of Italian libraries. A project sponsored by Università di Bologna.[I]

    Center for the Studies of New Religions, lead by Massimo Introvigne.[I-E]

    LOGOS - Dizionario
    Dictionary and web portal.Multi lingual translations. [I-E]

    U.S. Mission to Italy
    Diplomatic Mission of the United States of America in Italy. [E-I]

    Musei On Line
    A portal to Italian museums on the web. [I-E]

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